Your Guide To Make Your Conference a Grand Success In Dubai

Your Guide To Make Your Conference a Grand Success In Dubai

With the world opening up once again, we are slowly getting back to our normal business in all parts of the world. Meetings, work from the office and interaction are all gradually rising. Particularly in business, where networking becomes a very important part of successful businesses and corporates. Dubai, being the hub for business, is a host to several conferences very frequently. But now, with the recent trend of remote working and video-conferencing, we have almost forgotten how to plan physical events well.

When it comes to business and networking events such as conferences, it requires a lot of meticulous planning and timely implementation. Moreover, arranging a conference can take a lot of manpower to take care of the big and small logistics. From lighting, sound systems, catering, transportation and accommodation; a number of factors come into play while planning a business conference.

Though bigger organisations have special teams to work for such conferences, still many prefer to outsource their events. This is owing to their expertise in the field, practical knowledge and quick responsiveness in organising all kinds of events. Especially, while organising business conferences you can take help from efficient event management companies to make your task simple and your conference a big success.

To guide you through some of the most important aspects of planning a business conference in Dubai, we have compiled a complete checklist of all things essential!

  • Setting up objectives and deciding timelines

Conferences can go on from a couple of hours to weeks together. Depending on the objectives of your event, you must decide on the dates of your event. Further, you must take into consideration the availability of your delegates, organisers and other attendees. 

The next step is to send an invite well in advance and market your conference so that you get a good number of attendees. In Dubai, people are constantly looking for new opportunities. Thus, they are very enthusiastic about networking and attend many conferences. So, make sure to attract the right audience! Lastly, you must decide on your location such that it is accessible to your target audience. This one is often neglected but plays a key role in the success of any conference! 

  • Setting up your location for The Day! 

A conference set-up in itself has many parts to it. To break it down into broad sections we have: 

  • Sound System:

Effective sound systems are a very important part of any event; be it corporate or cultural. Audio engineers specialise in mixing sounds to get the perfect amplitude and pitch. Thus, it is a good idea to partner with someone who is specialised in sound systems to get the best experience. A good quality sound system will take the quality of your conference to another level. You’ll find many event managers in Dubai specialising in sound design and engineering. So, invest in a reputed event manager to make sure everyone has a pleasurable experience with the best sound quality. 

  • Lighting:

Conferences are all about presentations, project discussions and information sessions. This makes lighting crucial so that presenters can easily convey their ideas. Further, lighting would vary depending on the setup of your event. This depends on the natural light, outdoor or indoor location, etc. All of this is best left for good event planners. That way, you can be sure to get the best lighting and help raise the confidence of all speakers at the conference!

  • Stage Set-up:

The highlights of any conference are the inaugural and concluding ceremonies. Delegates of high repute, influential people and often politicians join conferences in Dubai. So, the stage becomes the focal point in the event. Besides the display, material, as well as a backdrop, play a very important role in uplifting the look of the event. Now, how do you make sure to set the stage right? It’s as simple as having an idea in your head and getting the right person to execute it. Here, the right people for the job are the best event management businesses in Dubai. Get in touch with the reputed ones and you will have your requirements sorted!

  • Audio-Visual Settings:

Mostly, event locations do not supply the logistics required for a business conference. You will need to either purchase or outsource projectors, screens, LEDs and other electronic equipment. A much more convenient solution to this problem is renting such devices. Another viable alternative is to get the good old event manager who is an expert. Their experience will not only help you save on costs but will also safeguard you from any mishaps. Event managers will ensure you have the necessary backup in case of any kind of failure! Thus, you can then be worry-free and prove yourself beyond your expectations.

  • Post Conference Feedback:

We always learn the best from our mistakes and experiences. So, once you have wrapped up your conference, it is a good idea to seek feedback from your delegates. By doing so, you will understand any kind of shortcomings and can improve on them in the future. 

Besides, getting feedback will help you better understand others’ expectations from the conference and also get you positive responses. You can then apply all this data to design an even better event! 

Event Managers: The Go-To For a Successful Conference In Dubai

As you might have realised by now, event managers wear many hats. From decor, set-up, technicals to lighting; all aspects of a conference are taken care of by event management companies. This not only ensures a smooth flow of events but also relieves you of all unnecessary burdens. Getting an event manager can also turn out to be very cost-effective! Besides, you get to devote all your time and effort to planning and better strategising a star event! So, worry no more and partner with the best event management companies in Dubai to accomplish your best ever conference!

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