The way to advertise Dubai Restaurants on Social Media

The way to advertise Dubai Restaurants on Social Media

Dubai has been looked on as a heaven of food varieties and multiple cuisines. Restaurant business in Dubai have always been hot on the plate and you may be a part of “the wagon” trying to thrive amidst Dubai’s mushrooming culinary market. Or maybe you’re new to the trail, opening a restaurant or even franchising. Wish you the best, may it bloom!

How to make sure of its BOOM?

It’s time to take charge if your Restaurant business has been dull despite of luminary efforts and funds being pooled in. What may be actually missing is your part to do with proper marketing apart from advertising. And what is the best and feasible way of marketing restaurants? The new word of mouth is the digital word of mouth! Every opinion whether agreed to or not is scrutinized when on social media. Brands spread out on social media surely catches attention and places itself in the subconscious making you a familiar name and viewers end up establishing an actual relationship with your brand by dining at your restaurant as an end result.

The mission doesn’t end there. Most often people do not consider the screen within their palm as an advertising arena but a trustable source of all information that is reliable. The efforts needed in keeping the customer anchored to your restaurant is as important as driving his/her first visit to your restaurant.

Those buddy meet ups planned after a long time, treats and celebrations, romantic dinners, a discussion between colleagues over a quick breakfast, the lunch-break dine outs, or the casual weekend blowouts should all be directed to your restaurant by consistently opening out your unique attractions to people through social media.

Latest studies show that people are now more engaged than ever when it comes to media content.

Considering this fact digital marketing is obviously the best way up among the whopping 11,000 – 12,000 restaurants and cafes that operate in Dubai alone. The last year survey has showed a 9.7% increase in the number of eateries in Dubai.

Why does digital marketing apply the best for restaurant marketing in Dubai?

Ideal customers can be precisely targeted based on specific areas within Dubai

The extend of social media engagement of people in a city like Dubai are more than in other countries. They rely on digital platforms the most to find out deals and offers for every other product or service they need.

Results made measurable by counting the dining reservations/enquiries coming in through social media.

Competitive in cost-effectiveness in contrast of old school advertising modes.

 Ability to create a more detailed impression. Multiple versions of an ad campaign can be published by altering the content such as lines, images, gifs and videos.

Facebook and Instagram to market your restaurant.

These two platforms still deemed to be the most powerful weapons, have evolved in time. Your marketing budget is to be focused to these considering the factors that make the job more refined hence effective.

Time Target – Differentiate a day into several time tabs to target diners suitably. For example, those who are planning to dine out for dinner can be supplied with deals/promotions or just adverts during a time span of 4pm to 8pm so that your budget is not wasted by flashing a stagnant ad throughout the day that is not time-specific.

Occasion Target – Screening the dates of life events such as birthdays and anniversaries enables to display ads in the right time to the right people who are more likely to reserve a fine dining or a surprise party at your restaurant.

Location Target – A buffet promotion in Al Karama need not be flashed out to users in Barsha area. While the content may pose a chance to attract, it may not yield as expected. Ultimately spending money on this may not be a wise idea.

Budget and Plan for your restaurant marketing.

 Identifying your target audience and laying a content plan is followed by allocating a budget for obtaining the desired popularity and sales through social media. An amount of AED2,000 – AED5,000 can bring about intended results.

Social media marketing plan is comprised of a chain of activities starting from targeting, content creation, calling to action & responding to diversifying the adverts.

Diversification of content simply means creating varied content outputs of the same idea to promote better engagement, reach and overall results.

Reports say that Dubai restaurant sector has raised the level of competition through unique concepts, both local and foreign. The global outlook that Dubai holds reflects in this sector resulting in attracting even the tourists from worldwide to explore the outstanding range of restaurants operating across the emirate.

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