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Digi Genie is a collective effort of a group of people who are oriented by the same goals and vision. All of us, highly passionate about what we handle, coincidentally shared the same idea: We all wanted to start a service-oriented or rather, service-devoted agency that undertook all kinds of digital marketing activities. Over a few cups of coffee, we realized the common passion we shared and decided to take it up. From there, it’s been a long way.

At Digi Genie, we settle for nothing but the best. We are a self-sustained organization, run by people who are experts in our fields of work and shaped by our endless commitment to our clients. We have now expanded our team with more talented people who are skilled in each of these fields. Now, with the best team, we don’t see anything that could possibly limit our limits.

Just like a Genie, who can’t stop himself from fulfilling the wishes of his master, we cannot afford to let a client of ours settle for something mediocre. Our brand ‘Digie Genie’ stands for the same service-oriented cause. And ever since we have come to the market, we have been able to rightly serve our purpose of existence.

We are also united and greatly inspired by the idea of creativity. We challenge ourselves to think out of the box and come with up ideas that are uniquely creative. Especially, in this world of technology and digitalization, you are noticed for what you do differently and not for following what others do. So we follow the strategies of digital marketing with a tinge of creativity so that your business stays colourful among the otherwise black and white platform!

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